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What Happens To My Old HVAC Unit?

Old HVAC unit in a field

Have you ever wondered what happens to your old HVAC unit when you get a new one? When we replace your HVAC unit it's not just about getting the new system installed; it's about removing the old unit and making sure it doesn't end up in a landfill polluting the Upstate.

Committed to Green HVAC Practices in the Upstate.

We were born and raised in the Upstate. We grew up hiking at Table Rock, swimming at Lake Keowee, and exploring the forest next to our home. That's why we're committed to minimizing landfill waste and recycling every piece of your HVAC unit we can. We want to make sure we're not contributing to polluting our beautiful home.

Here are the main things we recycle from old units!

Oils and Refrigerants: Did you know the average HVAC unit holds harmful oils and toxic gases? Improper disposal can wreak havoc on our health and environment. We always properly drain these and send them for recycling if possible, or dispose of them with the appropriate hazardous waste facility if not.

Oil being drained from old hvac unit

Metals and Plastics: Your HVAC isn't just another appliance. Weighing up to 280 pounds, it contains important materials that can breathe new life into other products. We break these down as much as we can and take them to be recycled.

Saw being used on old HVAC unit

We're not just in the business of heating and air conditioning; we're in the business of creating a cleaner, safer future for Greenville County and beyond. Our dedication to environmental protection means going the extra mile to recycle and preserve the beauty of Upstate South Carolina.


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