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Why should you get a free second opinion?

Updated: Mar 20

Sometimes good equipment gets replaced unnecessarily. Unfortunately, we have seen replacements performed when they were not actually needed. We believe this is something that should never happen and we want to help prevent it from happening within our community.

Why does this happen?

In our experience, there are two reasons customers get sold equipment replacements they didn’t need.

The first reason is that everybody makes mistakes, even HVAC technicians. We will not trash talk our competitors for making honest mistakes, but why not get a free second opinion on the diagnosis before you shop around for a replacement? You have nothing to lose!

The second reason is money. It’s often more profitable for an HVAC company to replace your equipment than it is to repair it. Because of this, many companies have commission based pay and sales quotas for their technicians. This is one of the many reasons we started Family Air, so we can focus on helping our customers and not on meeting quotas.

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How can we stop this?

Family Air is on a mission to end unnecessary sales. That is why we encourage you to take advantage of our free second opinions. Let’s work together to end unnecessary sales!

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