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Why is My HVAC Unit Melting?

We recently went to a call in Greenville with an adorable dog who looked like he's never done anything wrong in his life. The HVAC unit on the other hand, looked like this:

Corroded HVAC Unit

As a dog owner, you’re probably all too familiar with the quirks and messes that come with your furry friend. There’s one unexpected behavior that could be secretly sabotaging a crucial part of your home though: your dog is using your HVAC unit as a bathroom.

When your dog decides your HVAC unit is the perfect spot for a bathroom break, it slowly eats away at the metal components of your HVAC unit. This isn't just about aesthetics; it's about the health and efficiency of your system. As the unit's exterior suffers, the damage can seep deeper, affecting its functionality and shortening its lifespan.

But why is dog pee so damaging? Well, urine contains ammonia and salts, which are particularly harsh on metals. When your dog pees on your HVAC unit, these substances start a chemical reaction that accelerates rust and corrosion. This process doesn't just happen overnight but give it enough time, and you might find your unit melting away at the bottom.

As your HVAC unit becomes compromised, its efficiency plummets. This means your system has to work harder to heat or cool your home, leading to increased energy bills and a greater environmental footprint. In the worst-case scenario, the unit could fail entirely, leaving you with a hefty replacement bill and a home that's too hot or too cold.

So, what can you do to protect your HVAC unit from your dog’s unintended vandalism? Consider installing a small fence or barrier around the unit. A fence is also a great option if your neighborhood has pups that tend to roam and your unit has become the neighborhood meeting spot. Additionally, regularly training and encouraging your dog to use a designated bathroom area in your yard can help steer them away from your HVAC unit.

If you do see a well meaning pup pee on your unit, you can act quickly and rinse the spot with a gentle flow of water to help keep it from causing problems.

Regular checks and maintenance on your HVAC unit can catch early signs of damage before they turn into expensive repairs. If you notice any signs of corrosion, addressing them promptly can save you a lot of hassle down the line.

In conclusion, while your dog’s love knows no bounds, their bathroom habits should. By taking simple steps to protect your HVAC unit from your dog's pee, you can ensure that your home remains comfortable, your energy bills stay low, and your HVAC system lives a long and healthy life. We'll leave you with an adorable picture of a dog who definitely wouldn't vandalize your HVAC unit:

Cute Smiling Boxer Dog


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