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What to expect:

  • FREE Filter Change

  • Pressure Checks

  • Clean Drain Line

  • Refrigerant top off
    (no greater than 2lbs of charge)

  • Balance Blower

  • Indoor Capacitor Check

  • Outdoor Capacitor Check

  • Contactor Check

  • Duct work check

  • Leak Checks

  • Compressor and Motor Load Check

Save up to 15% on your energy bill

System Tune-Up Benefits

At Family Air, we understand the importance of yearly HVAC maintenance, as neglecting your system can lead to an unexpected and costly repair. Our goal is to prevent any expensive repairs before they happen leaving you comfortable all year long.​ Additional benefits to annual tune-ups include:

  • Improved system performance

  • Improved system reliability

  • Better indoor air quality

  • Longer system lifespan

  • Lower utility bills

How can you be proactive?

Changing your air filters every 3 months is one way to keep your system running efficiently all year. According to, this alone can save you anywhere from 5% - 15% on your energy bill.


System Tune-ups

At Family Air, we understand the importance of a well-maintained HVAC system, which is why we offer system tune ups to ensure your HVAC system runs efficiently all year long. With our preventative maintenance services, we can help reduce the chance of any costly breakdowns, cut your energy bill up to 15%, and lengthen the life of your HVAC system. We are committed to helping you and your family stay comfortable all year round.

Can costly break downs be prevented?

Yes, with proper care and routine maintenance most break downs can be prevented with little to no downtime. That's why most experts recommend doing routine tune-ups to optimize your system and keep it running at peak performance.

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